Amy Jane Parker                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           amyparker12(at)


Amy Parker, Brighid Fitzgerald, Grace Gamage, Spencer Lai, Nik Lee, Aodhan Madden and Jessica Quinnell

Whorled presents new works inside a windowed dome in nipaluna/ Hobart during the daylight hours of the HOBIENNALE

Curated by Amy Parker and Brighid Fitzgerald, the artists find sculptural and poetic forms of response to the curved hold and reach of the structure, 
in the absence of a cultivated indoor forest and the presence of sunlight and shadows.  

Opening Saturday 16 November at noon
Open daily 17—23 November 

Former Forestry Tasmania Building, 79 Melville Street, nipaluna / so-called Hobart 



2018 phrasal breaches Firstdraft, Sydney 

elslelslelslelslelslelslelslelslelsle (running else), Punk Café, Melbourne 


2019 Enclosure, Dark Mofo, nipaluna / Hobart—with Tess Campbell and Sam Mountford 
2017 a gift means a gap between two people, with Ellen Fairbairn and Amber Wright,
BUS Projects, Collingwood

2015 You’ve Been Here Before, with Ellen Fairbairn and Amber Wright, Visual Bulk, Hobart

Selected Group Exhibitions 

2019  Weeping Gasoline Dream, Mejia, Melbourne 
2018 Wind in the XXXXX, Space Space Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
2018 Emerson, Emerson, Sydney
2017 Neu Year, Monica’s Gallery 2016 
2016 To Wound the Autumnal City, Punk Café, Brunswick
2013 Útisýning, NES Residency, Arnarstrapi, Skagaströnd, Iceland

2018 University of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania 
2017 Frontyard Projects, Marrickville, Sydney 

2016 Textílsetur Íslands Residency - Blönduós, Iceland